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Someone else decided to join the party. He seemed to know the emo kids name, and he wasn't packing anything as far as Dan could see. That didn't mean he was unarmed, but it did seem to suggest that he was trying not to start anything. Or get close enough for an accurate shot.

Either way, this newcomer was kind of a dilhole from the sound of things, and certainly nothing new to Dan; just another condescending, pasty nerd. There were a handful of them at Franklyn, but this one was unfamiliar to him like his friend the emo kid. Which brought about an important question. Would two scrawny little bastards be any harder to kill than one? Depended on the weapon, which Dan still couldn't make head or tail of.

The pasty kid kept talking, and Dan would have greatly preferred it if he hadn't have. He had some bogus theory about SOTF that really made no sense at all. Dan was no brain surgeon, but he wasn't any idiot jock either. He'd seen the extent of Danya's professionalism, control and undisputed power watching the previous game. This guy here was kidding himself.

"Hey Casper," he retorted, trying to adjust his position in case they were working together. "I'm not sure you've noticed, but only one person's walking out of here alive." He wrinkled his nose as he surveyed this scrawny new presence.

"Don't take this personally, but I don't think it's gonna be you."
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