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The girl sputtered for a moment, appearing to forget his name for a second, before managing to form words with her mouth that made sense. He smiled at that. He couldn't take offence to that, seeing as it'd taken The Beatles to let him remember her name, that'd be so insanely hypocritical. And not even in a funny way. Which blew, because things being funny was like, the lifeblood of life on the weekends, even if it's only a way you know about.

"Good, you know, saturdays are, with the whole "no school" thing. Hows things yourself?" He responded quickly.

"Good, good... So, um, are you just browsing then? Or..." She asked, eyeing the case in his hand.

He was really, really tempted for a moment to tell her "No, this is a robbery" in a cheesy accent, and make a gun shape from beneath his light blue Superdry jumper, but there was the chance that she'd not get the reference, and like, call the cops. Which'd be totally bogus. So, instead, he cut himself off and switched up the reference entirely "Oh urm, yeah, I am exchanging goods for monetary units..."

He then pulled out his wallet and started leafing through it, pulling out notes and coins with no real pattern. He should really organise his wallet, but, meh, he could do that sometime he was like, really bored. He had better things to worry about now. Like the sound of "Californication" leaking out from her headphones. Damn good song. A nice song to listen to to waste time to in a place like this to. He marked one point against her on the "Taste of Music" tally that he had going on in his head.

"The Wombats huh? Interesting choice..." She said, apparently studying his choice of music.

He was suddenly worried that the music was bad. Something was only "Interesting" when it was something bad, or something really good, but they didn't want to expressly say as such. "Oh, what, are they like, pop music or something? I sorta just picked it up on a whim, 'cos it has a cool name and apparently has a track dedicated to the year 1996, which is pretty swanky"

Oh wow, did I seriously just say "Swanky"? Awesome. If I kept a diary, I'd be all like "Dear Diary, Today I said Swanky unironically in casual conversation. Today was a good day"

"Beats me. Feel free to let me know if they're any good or not."

Ooooooh, she meant that in an actual dictionary way! He nodded a little in response, and pulled out the correct collection of paper and metal and put it on the table. He always liked to get exact change if he could, it seemed like it was giving the people at the counter less work to do, and made his wallet feel that little bit less like a cinder-block, which everything costing something something 99 cents had made it into.

It was at this point he heard the buzz in her headphones shift into Can't Stop. He started to subtly nod his head to the tune as he continued the conversation on a completely different track, "So what's up with you holding the fort, normally I dont see you at the desk. Or the store at all really."

"Well, today happens to be my parents wedding anniversary, and since my dad's a lazy ass at heart he thought it'd be a bright idea to have me watch the store all day."

He smiled at that. Cynicism, got to love it in a woman.

"Aw, come on, wedding anniversaries are cute. It's just your parents turning back into teenagers again, like that really crappy movie that came out two years ago. And anyways, afterwards they're happy and forgiving and stuff, so you can bet on them being more lenient than usual for a week or two. Bummer that you got stuck with the store though, id've thought you guys'd shut doors for something like that."

She began to reply, when another girl jumped into the conversation, asking if the store held Bjorks Biophillia. Oh man, like a gold star on the "Taste of Music" chart for her, that was an awesome song. It was the kind of thing he planned to, with the melody of it really getting his neurons firing for some weird reason, despite the tune being fairly slow in comparison to the normal stuff he planned to. Like Cloudsmasher, or Night Music.

He grinned.

"Oh, man, you guys do that in vinyl? Seriously? That is like, the coolest thing ever. I'm totally getting that." He said, evidently loving the prospect of being able to queue up Bjork's Biophillia alongside The Beatles and some other band that began with "B" in his auto changer. Because, come on, how could that not be the most awesome thing?
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