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C'mon, don't fail me now you fat red bastard... DAMNIT, screw this game!

After wasting the next fifteen or so minutes playing Angry Birds on her iPhone, Ruby decided to just plug her earphones in and listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers instead.

For as long as she could remember, Ruby had always had a thing for alternative rock music. Probably because of the fact that her dad had forced her to listen to all his old albums as a kid, but she liked to believe that wasn't the only reason why, especially seeing as her dad's old band wasn't actually all that good. They didn't suck per se, they just weren't exactly that special or unique compared to all the other major grunge bands at the time. Besides, whilst she did actually like grunge rock, right now she was more in the mood for something a little more melancholic. Not TOO melancholic of course, but that's what she liked about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Their songs managed to have a melancholy feel to them without coming across as overtly depressing.

Well, most of their songs were like that anyway.

Ruby sighed as she turned to look at herself in the small mirror that had been haphazardly mounted on the wall to her left, with the words "Don't forget to always smile!" written on a sticky note just beside it. She was beginning to consider whether or not she should change her hair colour again, seeing as she had kept it the same bright red hue for the past few months now, when all of a sudden someone began to speak to her.

"Hiya Ruby!"

Gah! Where did he come from?

Whilst Ruby was vaguely aware that someone had entered the store, she'd assumed that they were just another browser who had entered the store out of pure curiosity alone. Whilst that may still be the case, not only was this browser in particular interested in starting a conversation, but apparently they recognised her as well. And, come to think of it, Ruby recognised him as well. Didn't he go to Aurora High as well or something?

"Whuh? Oh sorry, uh, hey there! Um..." she said, trying desperately to remember his name as she removed her earphones.

Tony? Uh, no, Jaime? Um, FUCK, er.... Mickey? No, it definitely started with a J.... Jaaay.... Uh, Johnny? No, Jerry? No, um... JIMMY! That's it!

"...Jimmy? Yes, Jimmy! Right. Uh.... How're you?" she asked uncertainly, still feeling somewhat caught off-guard.

Whilst she and Jimmy weren't exactly compadres, from what she remembered about him he always struck her as a pretty friendly guy. He was a fellow filmaholic too, although unlike her he actually took it to the next step by filming his own little shorts. She'd seen couple of them on youtube once out of curiosity. They were alright. Nothing too special as far as Ruby was concerned, but better then most of a REALLY bad home movies you usually find online.

"Good, you know, saturdays are, with the whole "no school" thing. Hows things yourself?" replied Jimmy, whom thankfully didn't seem to take any obvious offence to the fact that Ruby just forgot what his name was.

"Good, good... So, um, are you just browsing then? Or..." asked Ruby, noticing the CD case that Jimmy was holding.

"Oh urm, yeah, I am exchanging goods for monetary units..." he said, placing the CD on the counter as he reached for his wallet.

"The Wombats huh? Interesting choice..." she said, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Oh, what, are they like, pop music or something? I sorta just picked it up on a whim, 'cos it has a cool name and apparently has a track dedicated to the year 1996, which is pretty swanky"

Ruby shrugged. "Beats me. Feel free to let me know if they're any good or not."

After handing her the required 'monetary units', as he liked to put it, Jimmy decided to change the subject.

"So what's up with you holding the fort, normally I dont see you at the desk. Or the store at all really."

Ruby sighed. "Well, today happens to be my parents wedding anniversary, and since my dad's a lazy ass at heart he thought it'd be a bright idea to have me watch the store all day."

"Aw, come on, wedding anniversaries are cute. It's just your parents turning back into teenagers again, like that really crappy movie that came out two years ago. And anyways, afterwards they're happy and forgiving and stuff, so you can bet on them being more lenient than usual for a week or two. Bummer that you got stuck with the store though, id've thought you guys'd shut doors for something like that."

Ruby smiled. "You'd of thought so, wouldn't you? Oh well, at least I..."

"Hey Ruby,"

At that point, Racheal Langdon from book club showed up, asking if the store had a copy of Bjork's Biophilia.

"Oh, hey Racheal. Um... I think we might have it on vinyl, but as far as I know we don't have any CD copies i'm afraid."
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