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"And that'll be... $4.99. Thank you, have a good day sir."

Ruby Forrester watched with disinterest as yet another long-haired hippy left her dad's store, carrying with them an album belonging to some obscure experimental band from the 1960's.

She slumped down on the counter, her eyes darting towards the nearby clock to see what time it was. It was barely even the afternoon, and already she was beginning to get bored of having to watch over her dad's record store. Usually, he would be the one who had to wake up early in the morning and look after the place, seeing as he couldn't afford having someone else do it for him. Well, as it happened there was one other guy named Vincent who worked at the store, but he was just some student from Seattle University trying to earn some cash after blowing his student funds on too much video games. He was hardly qualified to look after the store all by himself, which was exactly why Ruby's father relied on her to look after the place whenever he was away.

However. The thing that annoyed Ruby was that whilst normally the main reason for his absence would be something important, like having to attend a vital appointment of some description, today his only excuse was that it was his wedding anniversary. So rather than look after the store until 7:00 in the evening, he asked Ruby if she could look after the store in his place whilst he and her mother go and do... Stuff. What kind of stuff in particular was none of her business, not that Ruby was complaining.

God, why did my parents have to get married on the 21st of January? Its Saturday for christ's sake! I can probably name a dozen other things off the top of my head that I'd rather be doing right now than look after this crummy old shitpile...

Okay, perhaps that was being a bit harsh. In all honesty, she DID like the store. It was pretty cool in a retro, outdated kind of way. For the most part, it mainly sold music albums, both on CD and old vinyl records. All of it was preowned of course, but Ruby kinda liked it that way. It meant that they sold just as much retro stuff as they sold relatively new stuff. Besides, she liked to believe that was part of the reason the shop had managed to survive for as long as it did. People liked having a place where they can go sell their old albums and buy used ones at for cheaper price then at the big megastores.

Not that business had been perfect. Far from it in fact. The shop just barely earned enough money to keep itself and Ruby's family from going bankrupt, which along with the wages her mother earned from her job meant that they had little to spare on relatively unimportant commodities like games or DVDs. Heck, the hippy who just left was the sixth customer that day, and the second one who actually bought anything. Her dad tried to improve the shop by turning the basement into "Movie Heaven", where people could purchase old DVDs and video cassetes. And whilst that did improve business a little, it was still hardly enough to make any a real difference. Then again, a part of Ruby was glad that it didn't. After all, they were doing perfectly fine anyway, and she would have hated it if her father decided to sell out or something. Although, it wouldn't have hurt if the store earned a LITTLE more money...

Still, right now, all Ruby really wanted was someone to talk to. She could always try chatting with Vincent again, but he was hardly a barrel of laughs. He was always going on about conspiracy theories about how the country is slowly becoming an Orwellian dictatorship, and whilst it was sometimes interesting to hear what he had to say there were plenty of times when she was tempted to tell him to just shut the hell up and go back to work. And right now, she wasn't really up to listening to his latest theories. Besides, he was too busy sorting out the shelves downstairs anyway. Apparently some guy donated his entire James Bond VHS collection, which meant that Vincent had to decide on which videos should stay on the shelves and which should go into storage until they had more room. Not exactly the most interesting job in the world, but at least he was actively doing something, the lucky bastard.

Hrmm, I guess could play some more Angry Birds or something...

Almost as if it were on cue, her phone began to rang, playing that annoying ringtone that Ruby had been meaning to change for months now.

Regan?!? Oh, no wait, it's Brian. Still, FINALLY, some human interaction!

"Hello? Hey Brian, what's up?"


"Oh? How was it?"




"Wait, what? For real?"


"Wow. I've got to admit, I'm genuinely surprised to hear that they finally did it. I mean, I guess it was bound to happen eventually, but still....."


"Wait, how do I know you're not just pulling my leg?"


"I kinda can't watch it right now, I'm looking after my dad's store..."


"Oh no, don't worry, you're not interrupting anything. This place is practically a ghost town this time of day..."


"Alright, cool, I guess I'll see you on monday then?"


"I'll watch it when I get back, but if she DOESN'T speak I'm telling everyone what your latest desktop looks like, okay?"


"Heh, alright, seeya then, bye."


Well... That was interesting. Shame I'm still stuck here for the next couple of hours. Ugh...

So, with her phonecall over, Ruby resumed slumping as she began to consider all the possibly ways she could spend the evening once her work shift was over. She could always see whether or not Regan wanted to hang out, but somehow she got the feeling she was busy doing band practice or something tonight. And she wasn't really in the mood for Aiden and Hawke's snarky comments after having to deal with Mr "Danya caused 9/11" all day.

Ah well, look on the bright side. At least you haven't had any really annoying customers yet...
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