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Mr. Danya
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Bouncing up and down
The flowing river in my heart abounds
But when I turn around there it is
And I can swim.

Winds in the trees and a gentle breeze
It’s the day I wanted for months and weeks
Now it’s here and I’m out in the clouds
Wind in my hair, wind in my gown

Everything is going perfectly
Life is everything I want it to be
Except I turn around and look behind me
And there’s one thing not there.

A beautiful, clear horizon rolls in front of me
Grassy meadows, grassy hills
Clean, green, completely sheen
This empty landscape is all I need

I look around across the world
Every little detail now unfurled
All to myself, all to me
This barren land is all I see

Peaceful solitude of perfect silence
Mine alone, mine forever
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