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((Continued From: Fighting For Something You Already Lost ))

Marimar managed to scan the forest of any dangers, finding none and ended up at a river. The area was clear to see some bunshes and a couple trees. Nothing like the jungle image the forest portrayed on her. Coming into the picture now she immediatley spotted two people going at it, like some sort of duel. "......The Sturgen and the Ray........This is no time to fight..." she whispered to herself as she also noticed another mermaid watching the scene.

"Maybe its another of my sisters...." Marimar approched the girl not to far from her and stood next to her confirming the details of the spat between these two angry fish. "Whats going on down here?" she asked tilting her head, Maybe this mermaid knows whats happening at the moment.... Fighting between friends was no way to resolve things, Marimar remembered when all the sea creatures started to argue and fight against each other. She showed them the power of friendship with a song deep inside from her heart..... Harmony......
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