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La Skellette!
Right now I’ll tell you straight up that this character is FAR from being approval worthy, however it can get there, you’re just going to have to do something and that is perhaps not change your idea, but find a better way of selling it. For example the MPD is nothing new to SOTF, but you cannot be going and making them two distinct beings, because that in and of itself is unrealistic, despite whatever he does and thinks, physically he IS still Darren. This is the first thing that you should play upon, this does not mean however that you should (nor would I want you to) disregard the MPD part of this character, for the persona of Jeff could still exist (just not as a separate being) but solely in Darren’s head.

The MPD thing is something that we all wish to experiment with when we start RPing and this character has the potential to allow you to have great growth in your RPing, we just need to get through some of your growing pains if you will.

If you would want more help in constructing this character IM me at Slakker91 (via AIM of course), I would really love for this character to get passed and I’ll try my best to help you make it so.
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