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Mary Sue (sometimes shortened simply to Sue) is a pejorative term for a fictional character who is portrayed in an overly idealized way and lacks noteworthy flaws, or has unreasonably romanticized flaws. Characters labeled Mary Sues, as well as the stories they appear in, are generally seen as wish-fulfillment fantasies of the author.

The term originated in criticism of fan fiction. It usually refers to characters created by the (fan) author of the work, but can also be used in reference to characters from the original canon source who are characterized in a way perceived as Sue-like. Many original characters in play-by-post gaming are also perceived as Mary Sues (or the male equivalent).


Read that page, it'll give you more information on what it is.

Slacker's going to post to give some helpful feedback, because as your brother, I can't actually get involved in the approval process...but I DO have to veto him at this point.
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