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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Making his way through the town was taking a lot longer than it should have, ideally. In order to get around to the other side of the town's center, Ivan couldn't just take a straight shot across the open space and hope for the best, since that was just asking to be shot. He continued around the perimeter of the town as he had been doing for a good long while, looking for the next short sprint he'd have to take to continue his path. If there were any blessings to be counted thus far, it was that his body showed no signs of being tired, as though the pain had just decided to give up and go home. Or at least, the pain was hiding somewhere that he couldn't feel it, if only for now. Just surviving to see the next moment, one second following the other, was all he demanded at the time.

It came to him as he was travelling undereath the extended eave of what may have been a restaurant at one point that Ivan really had no destination in mind as he travelled. He was simply moving from one side of the town's center to the other, trapped by the contraints of the game and the limits placed on them arbitrarily by a disgusting man (or men, a different one had been giving announcements lately) that none of them could see. He couldn't go anywhere else, and he did not see the point in standing still. Hiding in the top floor of one of the many buildings dotting the area would probably be effective to some degree, but Ivan couldn't stand staying in the same place anymore.

Standing still meant that he had nothing to do and would get bored. If he got bored, then that meant his mind would wander, and he might start thinking about things that he didn't want running across his mind at the moment lest they weaken him. The hair tie on his wrist served as a painful enough reminder, but as long as he was living that would be his cross to bear. He need not think more of it until he was down on the ground, taking his last breaths. And if he had his way, that wasn't happening just yet. Everybody on this island, as much as he hated to think of them in such a manner, was now a target. He wanted to get himself in to the mindsight that maybe this was all their faults, and that he was going to make them pay with some movie-inspired poetic justice. It would keep him motivated, for sure, to kill everybody who remained.

Yet, some part of Ivan... possibly his better half... made him think better of it. They were victims, just like he and Tabi were, and the act of killing them was really one of mercy more than anything else. All but one of them would die no matter how the pie was sliced, but that one person alive wasn't a winner. In a game such as this one, the only winning move would have been, as he remembered from some sort of pop culture, not to play. That move had been revoked from them, leaving them with no choice but to lose. Even the eventual 'winner' of the game would come out as nothing short of a loser, because in SotF, everybody loses. It's just that the person who got to live the longest would suffer the hardest. If that was the only way he could repay his failure, then Ivan would be that person.

A gunshot tore through the air, the sound bouncing off of the sides of buildings across the open square. Ivan resisted the urge to jump the best he could; he had heard his share of gunshots here, but each and every time he was only affected less and less to a diminishing degree until his nerves plateaued somewhere on the graph. He'd never entirely get over hearing the crack of a bullet being fired, and somebody possibly dying. Steeling his nerves to prepare for the rough road ahead, Ivan readied the Pancor and quickly turned the corner of the building.

Nobody was there. Just another empty alley.

He turned the next corner towards where he thought the shot might've been coming from, and still saw nothing. He checked behind him, as others would no doubt try to get close before taking a shot. Seeing that the close was clear at least for the given moment in time, Ivan pressed on. If he had to shoot somebody, well... that was just the way things had to be.
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