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Reiko spent quite a few minutes before she was able to determine no one was in the house. At least, not in a place where she could see them. The thought occurred to her that whoever was in there may be hiding on the second floor, but she wasn't exactly willing to enter any of the houses. A single loose floorboard would be enough to spell death for her. Instead, she would move on to the next house, see if anyone was visible, and move on. Even if she could get just one person, that would be one more step for her to make it home. One more step to see Sarah again.

The girl was about to move when she heard the soft steps on the ground around near the front of the house. Keeping her profile as small as she could, Reiko moved around the house, her hands gripping the large gun strapped to her shoulder. During her entire stay on the island she had never fired anything larger than a pistol, and even those she had to hold in both hands just to keep it steady, let alone fire. With any luck, this wouldn't be much harder, if she found the need to use it.

Crouching near the corner of the house, Reiko saw a girl approaching. It didn't take long for her to rule out who it was. The only girl remaining other than her and Kimberly was Ericka. She knew that any hesitation in dealing with her would probably lead to her death. After all, Ericka had killed her share of people before, and you don't do that by accident. Her back was towards the smaller girl, and before she had a chance to have second thoughts, Reiko raised the weapon and pulled the trigger.

The fire from her gun broke the tense silence in the air, as it spat out five bullets before Reiko let go of the trigger. Her hands stung from the recoil, but as she looked back towards her intended target, she found that she somehow managed to connect. Reiko sighed with relief. Even though she had done this before, she couldn't help but get nervous. Any mistake now would be costly, and the price could very well be her life.

After waiting for a few moments to make sure the girl wasn't going to get up, Reiko moved from her spot. She approached the girl, keeping her eyes on her in case she was playing possum the whole time. However, this didn't appear to be the case. Reiko approached the body without incident, and from what she could tell there was no signs of life in them. There was a gun lying about a foot away from them, probably dropped after she had been hit.

It was strange, actually having a chance to stop and look at someone she had killed. Every other time someone had come along to prevent her from doing so, but now she had that moment. Unfortunately by this time she had become too desensitized to the feeling of killing, the knot in your stomach as you realize you just took another life. Reiko didn't feel any particular remorse, not that she could afford to by this point. She knew someone else would probably be attracted by her gunshots, so she needed to get out of there quickly. Taking a moment to pick up the gun that was left behind, Reiko began to walk away from the scene as fast as she could.
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