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i'm not upset
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I will collect all the new people.

Hello Fayth and welcome to Survival of the Fittest! Do not ride the Survival of the Fittest if you have back, neck or heart problems or if you are more than three months pregnant. Please keep your body inside the Survival of the Fittest at all times. Por favor, cuida su cuerpo adentro del Survival of the Fittest a todos tiempos. I am Ruggahissy and I will be your operator today. Please pull down the safety bar and we'll begin:

Jamie O'Keefe: I think this is a good base of a character. She seems like a normal girl and I like that she's got some depth in the form of hypocritical snob parents while being a nice, sort of gentle person herself. Flesh her out when the time comes and I think she'll be a cool girl to watch.

MAX POWERS: This reminds me of an old episode of the Simpsons where Homer picked a new name at a whim because there was a hair dryer called Max Power (like, the hair dryer had maximum amount of drying power). It's a little silly. I did some research on name changes in the state of Washington ( v5 is in Seattle) and it's only $100 and some paper work to change a name once you're 18 so he COULD do it but.....why would he? Also even if he's 18 he still lives with his parents who I figure would say something about it. I think he could be just the same ladies man as Sandy Williams :$ . That bein' said we've got no problem with man whores, I mean, boys whore it up as well, but I'm a tiny bit concerned at the sugar moma/daddy comment. Please make sure Max/Sandy doesn't actually go into prostitution because that leads to all kinds of problems. I think it's actually super cool that he wants to be in the circus and has a solid plan for his circus future. I like that : )

Right. That's the end of the ride. Exit in an orderly fashion and enjoy the rest of your stay. And as always, if you need help or would like to complain that you were made uncomfortable by that blushy face I used, feel free to contact the moderators or administrators!
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