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It was day time already on the island, so far there was no sign of any of her sisters. Sadness stayed in Marimars heart but it didn't falter her optimistic attitude. She was just sad about this whole situation, however King Danya will not go about this unpunished! Marimar will see to that for she is a princess of Atlantica.

But her pondering had stopped when she heard a sudden shout from the palace gate. Looking down she saw a girl who looked scared out of her mind. She yelled out as if someone had chased her or something. It broke the mermaids heart to see her subjects being tortured about. However this girl might be another of her sisters.....

"Hello!" shouted Marimar with a smile waving her hand down on Lavender. Just like she did with Kayla, hopefully it has the same result. The girl smiled hoping for a positive answer, so far she hasn't encountered any of Danyas subordinates thankfully. He was indeed sneaky, but Marimar was much more passionate about life and will prevail in her conquest for peace!
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