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Reiko moved as quickly as she could away from Kimberly, trying her best to not make any noise. She knew what she needed to do, and she knew Sarah probably wasn't going to like it. Unfortunately, if she had any hope of going home, she was going to have to ignore any semblance of morality. Hopefully, Sarah would understand.

Reiko made sure to be fully aware of her surrounds. Her eyes caught any movements, her ears listening for every sound. She ducked into every shadow she could find, using her small frame to it's advantage. Every alleyway, every corner brought about new dangers. Any one of the other three people could be waiting around the corner, ready to blow her head off at the first sign. The constant danger of being killed was nothing new for her, especially since everyone had pegged her as dangerous. Now was different though. Now she was so close to making it home. All she needed to do was outlive four other people.

Ducking into another alleyway, Reiko game up to another house. The chances that someone was in the house were slim, but even so there was a chance. Without giving too much of herself away, Reiko glanced into the house, peering into the darkness to see if she could see anything.
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