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Allegra “Ali” Hoffman - Queen bee of her clique, her family is one of the richest ones in town, and because of this, Ali has developed a feeling of superiority over her classmates. She will do anything it takes to get what she believes she deserves, and is used to having whatever she wants handed to her on a platter. She’s popular, but in an infamous way. She rules the halls of school with fear, and enjoys tormenting the “little people”. She also has a small dependency on her cocaine.

With Ali I’m thinking of having two other girls to be her basic posse that she struts around the school with. She’s probably going to be a cheerleader, and maybe someone could be her boyfriend. Not I the sence of her actually liking him, but more as arm candy for her.

Elliot “Eli” Stone - A Punk rocker in every sense of the term. Both his arms are covered in tattoos, as well as his left hip and right shoulder blade. His hair color is naturally brown, but normally dyes dark blue with red highlights. He is a chain smoker, always having at least three packs on his person at a time. He is lead Guitarist and singer of his band (unnamed as of now), and skips school regularly to smoke up. He is proudly out of the closet, but is a man’s man in every other way.

With Eli I’ll obviously need bandmates for him (bassist, drumer, keyboards, ect), and I’d like to have a few stoner friends he could chill with.

Norelia “Nor” Concepcion - Nor is a proud underacheiver. She’d rather go to a party than study and would rather smoke bud than go to class. She’s from the richer parts of town, but doesn’t like to shove it in people’s faces. She’s happy to smoke up a total stranger and loves meeting new people. She likes to paint, and feels that if she gave up weed she’d be giving up her muse. She can have a bit of a temper when she’s high, but her friends usually just laugh it off until she comes down. Even with her lackadaisical attitude, all of her teachers love her, and most other people find it hard to stay mad at her.

Nor is basically a chill, down to earth girl, so I figure she could hang with just anybody.

And those are my three ^_^
The Dan: she won me over with card games, brownies, sex and handcuffs

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Alive: Norelia Concepcion, Elliot Stone, Allegra Hoffman

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