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Ilario remained steady where he was. There were four others after all, and he thought they would be more impatient. They would charge into the fray with weapons raised and they would take care of themselves, he decided, they would not need the help of his bullets. Perhaps eventually, but he didn't want to waste any of the precious ammunition, not when they would likely be willing to rip each other to shreds without his assistance.

He settled himself a little closer to the shadow. If they came for him he felt sure that he could have the AK up and firing before they had a chance to do anything. Better to remain unnoticed for now -- they knew he was there, of course, they could count and they knew his name, his face -- but perhaps in the heat of battle that would be forgotten. He would not get so lucky, of course. But it was nice to consider.

He had a good view of the center. They would come, he knew. Like lambs to the slaughter, they would come.

marc st. yves
light it up or burn it down we'll all die in fire
{food for thought}

phineas rosario
fall down seven times stand up eight

sebastian conway
can't see the forest for the trees
{book of sparrows}

(so you've got to keep in mind, when you try to change the world for the better not everybody's gonna be on your side)
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