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I've updated Ryan and Alex's descriptions a bit to better reflect how I'm planning them these days, so if you've scheduled anything with me you might want to double check to be safe.

Archie: I can see where you're coming from, what with Ryan and Jamal both being track team enthusiasts, but the problem is the entry in the V5 problems thread doesn't really tell me a lot about Jamal's personality, just what he does and who he interacts with. If you could flesh out how he interacts with others a little more, then I'd be more than willing to give it a looksy.
As for co-captains, I don't even think Ryan would win the elections for it with his personality: guy may be a great runner but he's not exactly masta charisma. It's more of one of those '"I'd love to try" but he's gonna fail' things in my mind and I'm pretty sure co-captains could only happen if there was a tie or a close second. But if that does happen hey by all means considered.

teamsleep: Actually, I'm kind of having trouble seeing the two getting along for long if Tim doesn't actually know a thing about anarchism still like I just read in the concepts thread. Though I can see the two getting along from unpleasant parental histories sympathising, but really that's kind of the only link I'm seeing now, though the Alex I had up there was rather out of date and would have meshed better so I see why you offered up. Mah bad on not keeping them more modern really.
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