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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The island had never been so painfully quiet to him before.

From the moment Ivan stepped out that door into the last area of the island that was open to him, he experienced nothing but dead silence from the outside world. The only thing that could quell the deafening, complete absence of sound was the crunch of some sand pressed between his shoes and the surface of the street. How fitting that, as the game drew to a close, anybody who was left would be restricted to the place on the island that was the strongest representation of humanity. That, or it was the strongest representative of the loss thereof.

Ivan was forced to progress towards the center of town from the residential area when his collar beeped a few times. He must not have been close enough beforehand; the way he was pushed onward by a mere noise reminded him of an ant being siphoned towards the center of an antlion's sandy den. The rim held no salvation as it was out of reach, and every step closer could only lead to somebody's demise. The beeping stopped, and Ivan felt that he could stop and rest for a moment.

A soft, high-pitched noise of something shattering... maybe glass?

He pressed himself against the doorway of a nearby building and sunk down low. No gunshots rang out just yet, not that it meant anything. Were there silenced weapons on the island? Ivan couldn't remember. He looked behind him to down the street, then back towards the center of the town. Nobody to watch his back now, he remembered.

Just ahead, he could make out what looked to be a town square of some sort, complete with fountain and flower garden. Bodies littered that area... Ivan could spot two just from where he was. It was an apocaltypic scene brought to life before his very eyes. His hands tensed on the shotgun as he decided to approach the perimeter of the square and head behind the buildings as opposed to in front of them, hopefully not leaving him as a target for anybody who might be sniping from a window. The shotgun went around every corner first, followed by the boy.

Just keep it steady... he could still do this.
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