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Ericka moved to the front door of the house next to her and turned the doorknob; looking over her shoulder nervously. The door creaked open and she peered into the inky darkness, and it certainly was dark. It was darker than the last few houses, at least, probably caused by poor window placement, time of day, or both.

Ericka closed the door behind her and slowly began to explore the interior of the building. She kept her gun out in case someone was already inside, but she doubted that anyone would be. She found her way to a bedroom in the back of the house, which was much better lit than the other parts of the building.

She put her bag on the floor in the corner and opened it up. She took out a fresh clip and reloaded her weapon before returning the weapon to its holster. She took her switchblade and hid it in her sleeve.

Deciding that she needed a better grasp of her surroundings she left her bag there and walked back to the front door. Light flooded in as the door opened and Ericka stepped out onto the street.

A noise came from a nearby alley, so Ericka retrieved her gun from its holster and moved to the sound’s source. Peering into the alley was difficult as it was incredibly cluttered, but Ericka determined that it was unlikely that anyone was there. Seeing a rock, Ericka remembered all the times that a thrown rock was used as a distraction both in fiction and by herself, and she grew nervous. She turned quickly with her gun at the ready and scanned the area for someplace that someone could be hiding.
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