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Marimar and Kayla descended from the lighthouse balcony to the bottom floor. They both started grabbing pieces of furniture to block the door with. There wasn’t much to barricade the door with, a few chairs and a table. The two did the best they could to make sure that the lighthouse wouldn’t be able to be broken into. The mermaid work with an optimistic attitude, she wouldn’t let anyone infiltrate her palace. Of course she started the barricade by locking the only door to the lighthouse which will hopefully be enough defense against invaders.

“You know, you don’t have to leave through the front door. When I got here I noticed behind the stairwell going up to the balcony there is a manhole, under it is a network of caves you could leave in.” she said with a smile. A secret network of tunnels could provide some safe place for any visitors or any of her mermaid princess sisters. It was clear that she would need all the defenses she needed in order to withstand the mighty wrath of King Danya.

"I'm pretty sure that they lead to the underground sewage area. I doubt anybody would be be in there, its probably your best bet." she said with a smile. Of course Marimar didn't know for certain, she hasn't seen anyway pass the lighthouse except Kayla. "It may be a bit smelly, but it better than being out in the open." Marimar assured Kayla more about leaving this way, she wanted her to go thorugh this exit because it is the safest. She didn't want her princess sister to die. It would be a blow to the heart, it would be like losing her grandparents. A thought that made the sea princess shudder as she moved one of the chairs toward the door.
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