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Marimar was pleased that Kayla replyed to her icebreaker. It was engouraging to make conversation it would make the mermaid feel so much at ease. The words Kayla spoke made Marimar go into a revalation; She was indeed one of the Sea Princess' of King Triton. She was her fellow sister, this made her so happy! To have a family member with you in this ordeal.

"Unfortunatly I have no idea. Probably though, I come from Franklyn Senior. Looks like to me they took the schools from Denton and put them here on this island. Hobbsborough is not at all far from Franklyn." said Marimar viewing the seagulls overhead.

Lets see...What kind of topic to induce in now? Marimar racked her brains to continue this well-thought conversation. "So are you planning to stay? or will you be leaving soon? Are there friends you want to go find?" she asked. Maybe that was too many questions... she thought as she waited for Kaylas answer.

Nothing disturbing yet. Everything seemed normal which was grand; All looked peaceful in Atlantica. The merfolk haven't stirred up any trouble which was a good sign. It made Marimar happy to see that her people haven't gotten violent despite of the situation.
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