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...Schmexy Dwarf? Eh, you play the hand you're dealt...
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Kayla returned the smile and joined Marimar on the balcony. She seemed like she was very much at peace, which was incredibly stupid, nieve, and above all else, reassuring. Kayla knew she was reasonably safe her. She took a place beside Marimar and admired the view she was told was wonderful. And really, it was. It was such a stupid thing, she knew, to be able to enjoy it, but she did it just the same.

Marimar apologized for being speechless, Kayla muttered something along the lines of 'that's okay', though she got the vague feeling that Marimar was looking for a little deeper conversation.

"Anyways, I'm tired of this suspensing silence." Marimar said, confirming Kayla's suspicions. "What school are you from? Are you also from Denton?"

"Yeah..." Kayla said, distractedly. "Yeah, I'm from Denton. I went to Hobbsborough." Coming to a revelation, she continued. "I've never seen you there, though. What school are you from? Do you know what other schools are here?"
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