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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Louis, if you're watching this, there's something I have to say... s-so, pay attention to your big brother for a second."

Ivan Kuznetsov sat facing the camera he had found in one of the other houses after leaving Tabi for the last time. He was glad to have found a haven such as this, free from dead bodies or other students trying to kill him. It was getting a little tough to find those who fit into that latter category. The announcements stated there were five of them left, and went into pretty good detail of who they were. An unknown factor laid here or there, but he did at least know who Ilario, the only other guy left on the whole island, was. From that bit of knowledge, Ivan understood that this wasn't going to be any easy battle reaching the end. However, as far as he was concerned, the hardest part of his journey was now behind him. Taking her away was going to be the biggest mistake any of them made.

There wasn't a lot of time left to do what he had come to this particular spot to do. Maybe four others remained alive, but Ivan considered himself truly alone. He had always wished to be alone rather than be around his peers at school, finding the spot of least traffic to stake his claim in Bayview's social network. Now he got what he wanted, but only after he had been given something much better. And then, that something had been taken away to be left with his original wish in a cruel display of false generosity. Soon, only one of them would be left alive and they'd have the rest of their life to return to. Ivan was not sure if there was much of a life to return to if he happened to be that one. With that thought, his right hand clasped the hair tie fastened around his left wrist and he stared at the camera in front of him. The instrument was meant to record death and violence and whatever other sick acts the terrorists might have lined up; if it was supposed to record pain, then it was pain he would convey.

"I've been thinking about what I would say to you if I had the chance for a while," Ivan began. His voice was already starting to break as he thought about how his brother might react when he saw the message, as well as how unbearable it was that this might be the last thing he ever told him. "And now that I... um, found this place here with a camera, and sat myself down to tell you, I really don't know still."

He took a breath and ignored how painful his chest felt when he thought about home. He could do this, he could power through all of this for everybody he loved.

"This is just for you, alright?" He had to force the words out at an unnatural pace, as they did not want to seem to come on their own. "I don't give a damn who else sees this... if you think this is entertainment, you can go straight to hell! You hear me? I lost her and you all probably think-" Ivan caught himself, biting his tongue. He had to focus, keep talking to Louis and not those who didn't deserve his attention. "Louis... your brother is going to do everything he can to come back home. I have something I have to do, and before I can win this thing, I'm probably going to have to kill somebody else to do it. I've already killed three people, and I really hope you didn't see any of those first hand." His hands began to shake a little.

"What I'm trying to say is... after this, I want you to stop watching. Keep mom and Aunt Vera company. ... I love you all. See you around."

Ivan turned away from the camera and gathered this things, walking out of the house before anybody else could see him cry. He had all he needed to win the game, now. Almost everything.
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