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((Reiko Ishida continued from We Can Live With The Sadness))

Two weeks had passed since Reiko Ishida had found herself waking up on this island. Two weeks that had never felt that long in the past, but these last two weeks had felt like a lifetime. Back then, before the beginning of these two weeks, the girl had taken so many things for granted. Her sister, her relationship with Sarah, her parents, her home, the comfort of her bed she always complained about being too firm. None of those mattered nearly as much as the problems she had faced in the last fourteen days. And yet here she was, one of the last five people left alive on the island.

Her mind wandered as she crouched in that alleyway, Kimberly to one side, an open alleyway on the other. Her thoughts dwelled mostly on Sarah, wondering where she was now, how she was doing. If she would ever move on if Reiko didn't make it. The girl certainly hoped so, even if she was going to try her hardest to make sure that wasn't the case. She was going to get home, even if she had to kill every last person left on this island herself.

She shifted the weapon hanging off her shoulder, within easy reach but not in hand. Reiko made sure to keep her eye out for any suspicious movements. As it stood at that point, anyone who wasn't Kimberly was an enemy. In the back of her mind she knew that in short order Kimberly would no longer be an ally either. At some point one of them had to die in order for the other to live. With any luck, she wouldn't have to be the one to pull the trigger.

The silence was almost unbearable, but she knew better than to try and initiate conversation at that moment. Last thing they needed was someone deciding to find them and shoot them while they weren't paying attention. For now all she could do was wait for the others to show up and see what happens.
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