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"Yep," Kimberly said. "Kinda sucks. I'm glad your girlfriend's okay, though."

Time to think. Who the fuck was Reiko's girlfriend? No, wait, that was a silly question. Kimberly could almost remember something about Reiko and Sarah. She'd seen them together, at Prom, and Sarah had escaped, and she had wanted to find Reiko. They'd all agreed on that, Sarah and Bridget and Kimberly. Maybe Sarah had even mentioned something about them being together, and Kimberly had just missed the subtext. It all fit perfectly.

"Sarah, right? She saved my life."

It was nothing but a casual comment, now. There was no need to go into detail. Reiko didn't need to know what had transpired, how Sarah had patched her shoulder up, how they had traveled together, how Kimberly had left when it became clear that they weren't hunting Kris after all. Reiko certainly didn't need to know about Kimberly's little conversation with Sarah and Bridget, the one through the cameras. That might provoke a violent reaction.

In a happy little coincidence, if Reiko ever did find out, it would be far too late for Kimberly to worry about it.

In the meantime, they had a common point of interest, a humanizing factor. That meant Reiko was less likely to start shooting, and more likely to just hang out and shoot the shit. It meant Kimberly felt pretty safe when she reached over, picked up the fake gun, and stuffed it back into her pocket. Oh, sure, she was careful to move slowly, to avoid doing anything starling. Relative security or not, it wouldn't be good to have a misunderstanding now.

Still, she wasn't quite so concerned about imminent death, not anymore.
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