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Reiko couldn't help but smile when Kimberly took the chocolate. After so long fighting for her life, it was kind of refreshing to hear something as simple as a thank you. If they pretended hard enough, maybe they could believe themselves to be on a little picnic or something. Just so long as you ignored the dead bodies and the fact they were holding weapons. Reiko nodded her head in response, leaning back a bit on her hands.

There was a moment of silence, then Kimberly asked how she was doing. This brought a small laugh to the girl. "Oh you know, lost my sister, killed some people, watched my girlfriend escape while I was left behind. The usual stuff." That she could even manage something even remotely classified as humour probably said something about her mental health, but at this point she'd have been more concerned if she wasn't feeling something.

"We must be getting down to the wire, huh?" Reiko found herself saying. The last announcement had said there were only a dozen or so of them left, and she could be amazed if there was still that amount left. At some point her and Kimberly would probably have to face each other. Or at the very least, one of them would have to die. It was an inevitability that they would have to face sooner rather than later. For now though she was content with the civility between them.
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