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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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No, wait...

Please don't go!

The resting body of Tabi Gweneth only laid there in response, oblivious to the silent pleas for her to return. Tabi was dead, and that meant Ivan was now all alone. They had lived so much of their lives unaware that the other so much as existed, ignoring each other in the halls and in their classes. It took the island to bring them together and understand how much they meant to one another. They could have pulled through to the end somehow, just maybe... they could have escaped if they had gotten away from Imraan in time, or Ivan could've fought Aaron downstairs. So many ways, so many ways this could have been prevented. Tabi didn't have to die, but fate took her all the same.

His fist closed around the hairband and crushed it as tight as he could. His knuckles grew white with frustration, locked tight to try and hold everything back. Her face looked so peaceful the way it didn't hold any hints of pain anymore. It even almost looked like she was asleep, resting under his watchul eye. But this time, she was never going to wake up. She'd never open her eyes again, never laugh again, never cry again. He'd never get another chance to talk to her again, to tell her how sorry he was that he couldn't save her. He was still stuck down here in hell while, somewhere, a sparrow had finally been set free.

Whatever was holding Ivan up at that point let go. His face buried itself against her neck in a vain attempt to find some shelter from his grief. His arms wrapped around her, though she returned no embrace of her own. She was still so warm to him, and it only pained him more to know that wouldn't last forever. Worst of all, it was all his fault.

You fucked up, Ivan. You didn't save the day, and you don't get the girl.

Anybody else might try to say that this was the best possible way things could've turned out from this point. Tabi was now supposed to be in a better place.

But I want you here with me!

Ivan held her close until he ran out of tears to shed. The sky would darken before that happened, but when it did, he knew it was finally time to leave Tabi be. His hand reluctantly loosened up to reveal to him the hairband that she had given to him. Ivan slowly put it on, pushing it over the fingers of his left hand and drawing it upward until it clutched his wrist. In return, Ivan removed the green-lens glasses from his daypack and placed them on Tabi's chest. He moved her arm over herself to rest on the glasses, as though she were holding them there. He also removed the umbrella and placed it at her side, placed a small kiss on her forehead, then stepped out the bedroom door.

He took all the guns he could find and never looked back.

Never give up, Ivan...

((Ivan Kuznetsov, continued elsehwere))
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