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They see me walking, they hating
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Reiko's eyes didn't move from the girl until she was out of sight, and even then she made sure to keep a look out in case they decided to come back and kill them while they weren't looking. In the end she didn't have anything to worry about though, and the two of them were alone again. She moved her hand back away from her gun, placing it back on her lap and saying nothing.

The silence was broken by her companion, who introduced herself. This was good for Reiko, since she didn't have to ask and make herself look like a fool. Reiko nodded a few times, committing the name to memory. Kimberly then continued the conversation, mentioning the chocolate.

"Oh yeah, here you go." Reiko said, holding the chocolate out for the other girl. There was about a quarter of the bar remaining, but she had another one in her bag. "You can have the rest of this one if you'd like."
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