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Tabi had made it to the foot of the bed. She was unsure as to how it had happened. But she had made it all the same. It had been a struggle to break through the pain to hold her weapon, it was only for a few moments but that was all that she needed. There had been an opening, and she had fired. Was it twice? Four times? The entire clip? She couldn't tell. But Aaron had been hit at least once. He had dropped his weapon. Then she saw him flying, there was blood, and then there was nothing. He was no longer there.

It had become quiet. Sound had been sucked away from the room, and the only sounds heard were her increasingly sporatic breaths and a dull humming sound. The blood from her leg had brought a garish smear onto the woden floor from the cabinet to where she had now found herself. The flaring in her leg was intermitant and when it flared up it was an overload. Her head felt light and it was a sturggle to keep it upright.

Ivan was rushing over to her. If her leg looked bad on her side, she could only imagine how she looked to Ivan. He looked older than she had remembered, his face seemed to have succomed to the weight of the game. It was bloody and bruised, and she couldn't tell for sure, but it had looked as if his glasses may have cracked. His eyes though, there was such a weight held in those eyes the true proof of his age.

He kept asking her if she was alright. Over and over. He was trying to wrap up her leg, but in an instant the white bandages had become stained with crimson.

"Are you alright?"

Tabi smiled, and yet, she could feel the mosture pooling down her cheeks.


Ivan had paused. But, as if to not admit it himself, kept trying to wrap the bandage tighter. It was terrifying looking at him, feverishly trying to stop the bleeding.

"I'm dying...aren't I?"

"No, of course not!" Ivan blurted, "We can stop the bleeding."

She laughed, not out of spite, but it was something she couldn't keep under wraps. Maybe it was the admition of the truth. Just vocalizing it out for all to hear. Her head was becoming heavy, it drooped down, giving her full view of Ivan's efforts.

"Sorry. I didn't mean it that way."

Her hands lifted up to her belly.

"Last night was wonderful Ivan. I'm glad that I got to share that with you."


"Ivan, stop. I... I wan't to give you something."

Her arms lifted up behind her. She was fiddling with the bobble of hair that she had put up yesterday. Ivan seemed to love that look. She liked it too.

When her fingers grabbed the scrunchie holding it together she let out a low hum before pulling it off of her, letting the hair drop down beside her. She then strained her neck up to look at her boyfriend, trying her hardest to keep a brave face, despite her tears.

"I want you to take this Ivan. I want you to take this, and, if you could. Could you maybe bring it home with you? I think my parents would like to keep it you know? You don't have to do it though. I mean. It makes a great bracelet. Something to remember me by y'know?

Stay with me Ivan. But please, don't give up. Your little brother wouldn't want you to give up after all."

Tabi placed the hand with the scrunchie into his own and held it there. She could feel Ivan squeezing it tightly.

"Thanks Ivan."

She couldn't keep her eyes open. Everything was starting to grow heavy. And yet...

This was nice...

After all she had been through, Tabi Gweneth was content.

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