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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ivan stared down at the product of his labor. Aaron was now only a torn remnant of himself and in the lives of anybody he had ever affected. As much as he wanted to pour hatred onto the boy's memory, Ivan tried to remember that he was just another student who became a product of the game. They weren't just nameless and faceless bodies racked up in a pile as some arbitrary killcount, because if he thought of it that way, it would be just like when he killed Keith... he'd be the closest to becoming a monster since day one. Yet, it was hard not to think such hateful things when he had nearly killed them both without any provocation. What's worse, he had even...

Oh god...

"Tabi! Are you alright!?" Ivan yelled, running and dropping the shotgun at the entrance to the bedroom as he knelt over her. He repeated the question in a softer voice, looking at the damage. There was a lot of blood, but they could bandage it all up. They could make her better, just like they had done with his own arm. He could save her, she was going to be alright.

She had to be alright or...

V6 Tributes

Spoilers, Ricky didn't win V5

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