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When the first shots rang out, Tabi pressed her back to the wall. If there was anyway to make her tougher to hit she would do it. But as it stood now. They were pinned. The first round of shots drew her out in an attempt to fire again. But Aaron had been faster and let out another round of shots. Tabi could hear his mad cries and it drew forth a lump into her throat. It was as if Aaron had just turned into this wild beast. Caring not for who or what got in his way. As long as he killed them both.

Tabi found herself rushing to the bedroom. They needed a choke point, and what better spot then the entrance to a room? Ivan just needed to follow her and they would reclaim the advantage. They'd be able to defend themselves.


She made a break for the room, there was a series of loud bangs, and then she collapsed onto the floor and screamed. Her right leg had gone hot with fire. Her breath went heavy in an instant and she tried to scramble behind the doorway. Her right leg wouldn't move in time with her, while her left flared in complaint when she put pressure on it. She started to crawl as fast as she could. She had seen what had happened when Ivan had been grazed with a bullet. But she had never expected that it had hurt this much. She turned her head around and saw the blood seeping from her leg. She wanted to patch it up right now, make the blood stop flowing. But the sounds from outside the hallway brought it all back into focus. Ivan was still out there fighting. She would too.

Tabi checked her gun, an empty cartridge. She looked around the room and saw the scattered clips of ammo on the floorboards. Reaching out, Tabi clutched her clip and loaded her gun. She wasn't dead yet.
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