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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Too many gunshots were coming up those stairs for Ivan to do anything. This shit couldn't stand at all... if things kept going like this, then Aaron was going to get up those stairs and the both of them would be in grave danger. But why? Why would Aaron resort to such a suicidal tactic when the both of them had guns? They'd easily be able to kill him no matter who he tried to shoot first and, at best, he'd only be able to get one of them. Why would he throw away his own life in just an incredibly stupid move just to kill one of them and make the other miserable?

Because he's a crazy fuck, Ivan. That's why.

Ivan tried to poke out and take a shot, only to immediately be suppressed once more by another bullet. It made him wonder just how many of the fucking things that pistol had. Before much of his frustration could vent, the footsteps got louder and louder. Aaron was coming up, and it was time to do something... something, anything! Ivan's vision began to tunnel out towards the point of entry where Aaron would appear. A charge seemed to be the only option, followed by a point blank shot that would send Aaron hurtling down the stairs with only the tatters remains of his once-intact chest. The images began to flash already, and Aaron did not like what he saw.

It had to be done. It has to be done. They have to live.

Ivan turned the corner...

He had misjudged just how fast Aaron had been coming up those stairs. The shotgun had been knocked up towards the ceiling by the animalistic movements of the aggresor, the muzzle pointed at the ceiling when Ivan pulled the trigger in a panic. The second shot rang out, and his leg shot out at instinct to strike at the boy. Ivan screamed something as he did so, but couldn't be sure just what he said. It probably wasn't even a word, given how rushed the breath was. Aaron had made it to the top floor; a single shotgun shell would put him away, but the shotgun had been lodged up between the two, frantic struggling and kicking regardless.

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