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The girl finished fucking off, with a glance at the leg that was probably going to kill her and a sarcastic little salute. Kimberly didn't bother returning it. She was pissed enough about the interruption and about having to deal with yet another psychopath. They seemed to be a dime a dozen this late in the game. It was almost like all the decent people had been killed by now. Come to think of it, that was probably pretty fucking close to the mark. While playing things like Lombardi had was totally suicidal, getting this far implied a certain willingness to get one's hands dirty. Anyone who couldn't stand the thought of taking a life was pretty well out of luck.

It left Kimberly wondering what exactly she was doing still being alive. She certainly wasn't one of the big names on the announcements. Oh, it wasn't like she was standing on any moral high ground, not after what she'd done to Aislyn. Looking back, she couldn't even remember what the reason for her actions had been. She couldn't say why she hadn't dropped the knife. Aislyn was unarmed. Will would probably have attacked them all, but he wouldn't have killed them, not all of them. Will hadn't been a threat at all. He and Steven had gotten themselves killed quickly enough, had joined the endless list of names.

Kimberly wondered if she'd rate a joke. Probably not. It was getting too late in the game, and she doubted they'd put on a comedy show for the final survivor. Besides, Nguyen was a bitch to rhyme.

"By the way," she said, turning to Reiko, "I'm Kimberly."

She hadn't introduced herself earlier, not because she wanted to watch Reiko squirm, but because she wasn't sure what the reaction would be. It seemed stupid to get shot in the middle of saying her own name. Afterwards, she hadn't wanted to identify herself to the third girl, for no particular reason at all. Now that the psycho had gone, things could go back to where they had been going. Kimberly could learn a little about Reiko, maybe figure out what it was that turned someone into one of the island's most known names and then turned them away from killing for almost a week.

More than that, maybe she could learn a little more about Reika and her death. After all, she had been something close enough to a friend to Kimberly, and her murder had been the spark that set in motion all the events that had led Kimberly here.

It had been such a silly thing. There were many different bag designs being used. Reika had just happened to pull one with a name on it. Had it not been for that simple, stupid little fact, Kimberly would have never walked up to Kris. She wouldn't have a chunk of metal in her arm right now.

She might well have died days ago.

Somewhere, maybe from the town, maybe from the docks, maybe from both, some gunshots faintly rang out. Kimberly didn't even acknowledge them. She was used to it by now.

She frowned for a moment, still thinking of Reika and Kris, then brightened and added, "I'm glad we got rid of her. Now, you were giving me a piece of chocolate?"
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