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The shotgun blasted a sizable chunk out of the wall, but Aaron had managed to get out of the way before Ivan pulled the trigger. The two at the top of the stairs fell back, then, getting out of the way. They were on the defensive. Ivan didn't seem to know quite how to handle his gun. That was what came with waiting things out. If he'd only fired it once before, at his last kill, he would still be shaky and only barely capable. That meant it was time to press the advantage, before the two had time to adapt. As soon as things went quiet for a split second, Aaron ducked back into the gap.

The girl leaned out and fired a couple shots, neither of which hit Aaron. Both came a little close for comfort, though, knocking holes in the wall behind him and kicking even more dust into the air. Aaron snarled, pointed his own pistol in her direction, and popped off a couple shots, before firing two more towards Ivan. He had to keep both of their heads down, keep them both on their toes.

And then, it came to him. They had backed up, retreated. They were scared. He had plenty of weapons and ammunition. Ivan's gun was a big deal, but only if he could handle it properly, which seemed unlikely at the moment. Tabi was likely to panic easily.

Aaron fired four more shots, aimed randomly between the two, while at the same time letting out an angry scream at the highest volume he could and charging up the staircase. This had worked for Han Solo in Star Wars. The plan was simple. Opponents who were off balance, who were scared, were less able to react. Once he was in the room, he'd have the advantage. Ivan and Tabi wouldn't have cover, and would have to worry about hitting each other, while Aaron would be able to fire indiscriminately, with any hit working in his favor. He was more used to having people in his personal space than they were, due to his experience with fake sword fighting. Ivan's weapon was long enough that it would be easy to force to the side, to keep at bay. And, if it came to mêlée combat, well, Aaron hadn't been carrying a sock full of rocks around for the past couple weeks for nothing.
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