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Tabi recoiled when the gunshot went off. She was already moving back up the stairs when Ivan was scrambling up to avoid being shot at. She rushed back into the bedroom and quickly dove to her bag. There was ammunition inside and if they ran out of ammo now they were as good as dead.

She heard the loud bang of Ivan's shotgun and found herself turning back to check on him. He was still alive. Good. Now it was time to help. She hobbled over to the other side and tried her hardest to hide from Aaron's bullets.

He didn't even let them talk. He gave them no time at all. They had already been pushed into a corner. There would be no reasoning with Aaron Hughes.

The two of them exchanged a look. It was a look of reluctance, but it appeared that there was nothing that could be done now. She nodded and let out a quiet breath.

Her fist tightened around the handle of the gun.

She bent around the corner and fired two shots. Not caring for her aim. It was all about protection now. It was all about keeping herself alive.

The gun fire echoed throughout the empty hallway. Ringing in her ears. She dove back behind her cover. Waiting for the next shots to come.
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