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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Shit, shit!"

Ivan scrambled backwards up the stairs as a bullet lodged itself into the wall. Maybe it was his point of view's perspective messing with him, but the bullethole was right around the same level as his knees. The fucker wasn't firing warning shots, he was trying to take them out right now. The pancor pointed down towards the landing of the stairs, and the trigger was pulled. The shotgun's wielder was not ready for the kind of kick the weapon would have, nor just how loud the explosion would be. The bottom of the stairs was sprayed by the shotgun, but Ivan's ears were ringing just a bit too loudly to know if Aaron had screamed or not. With the force of the recoil knocking him off balance, he allowed himself to fall back onto one of the higher steps. From there, he let go of the shotun with one hand and crawled upwards/backwards as fast as he could.

"U-Upstairs..." Ivan breathed out through his exertion, hoping to get to the top before Aaron could approach the bottom again. They'd just need to make a stand in the bedroom, take him by surprise and kill him.

They would have to kill Aaron. No disarming, no letting anybody live. He was a human like anybody else, even just a kid. This late in the game, however, anybody was a danger. Ivan had devoted all of his energy towards keeping Tabi alive as long as possible. If that meant throwing away his inhibitions and becoming a willing killer, well... the philosophy debate could wait until later.

"Long time, asshole!" Ivan shouted, finally reaching the top of the stairs. He seemed to have finally found his bearings once more. They could do this, they could stop the threat Aaron was posing right now. He was on one side of the stairwell's entrance, and Tabi was across from him. His eyes locked on Tabi's face for a moment, and he gave a short nod that hopefully conveyed his message.

We got this.

The footsteps were a little hard to hear, but Ivan thought he heard Aaron begin his approach up the stairs. His own hands were trembling, and the shotgun became far heavier than he remembered it. He was going to kill somebody again. Keith, Imraan, now Aaron? Ivan couldn't think of it as killing another person. Saving Tabi and himself, that's what they were doing. If he could just stay focused on that, they'd be okay. They'd be okay. They'd be okay...
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