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Tabi had heard the gun shot, and despite what Ivan had asked of her. She couldn't help but move towards the window with him. The sound of the gun firing off multiple time had renewed that sense of having to find out where it was coming from and whether they could avoid it.

She didn't see the action, but she did see it's finale. On the ground was a dead girl, blood seeping onto the street below her. Standing in front of it was a shaggy looking kid, she squinted her eyes to see if she could pick him out amongst the faces that had littered the Bayview halls. Then it had come to her. It was Aaron Hughes, weedy and arrogant Aaron Hughes. He was from the chess club and she seemed to recall him boasting about his skills at times when walking past the classroom.

She remembered the announcements, he had been a killer, just like them. However this was different. This was cold blood, it couldn't look like anything else but cold blood.

It was unlikely that someone like that would be willing to talk civilly.

Tabi turned back to the bed when Ivan had hurriedly commanded that she go to. Inside her backpack was the other pistol. The one that they had stolen from Clio. The one that Tabi hadn't dropped and abandoned in the swamp. It was a Walther PPK she could tell by the intricate engravings on the barrel.

She had only fired a gun once during the whole time they had been on the island. It had been terrible, but at the same time, it ended up being something out of necessity. She lived because she couldn't keep her finger still.

Ivan had made his way out of the room, shotgun in hand. Tabi hobbled her way to the top of the stairs. She took in a deep breath and followed her boyfriend.

It looked like she had no choice now. But if it was to protect the man she loved. She figured she could pull the trigger again.
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