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The thunderous crack of a gunshot threw Ivan up from the mattress, waking him immediately. Exhaustion had overcome him for just a moment. It was just a short moment, but a precious one. Panicked, he looked to his side in fear of Tabi having been shot by some assailant he had yet to detect, and found her just waking up from the gunshot, his own sudden movements, or both. Thankful that she was still okay, Ivan grabbed at the glasses that had managed to find their way off of his face and shove them on.

"Did you hear that?" he asked, a bit too preoccupied with the disturbance the gunshot caused to care just how shallow a question that was. Of course Tabi had heard it; the only other option would be to be absolutely deaf. Well, she could've slept through it... Ivan supposed that was possible, but dismissed it in favor of worrying about the more important thing. His eyes found the window of the second floor bedroom the two of them had holed up in, and he swallowed at the dryness in his throat. "St.... stay here..." Ivan commanded. No, he had really suggested it more than anything, lacking the courage or disposition at the moment to be commanding about anything.

Both of his feet dropped to the floor, and nervously inched around the edge of the bed. Whoever was out there could still be there and, worst of all, they could have their weapon trained on the window. Ivan had no idea how somebody might know about their location, but it was always wise to prepare for the worst. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst... it was like tennis practice against his mother all over again.

Except... you know, with bullets.

Ivan positioned most of himself to the side of the window, and peered down at the street below. He saw the dying or dead form of a girl in the street, covered in blood. The chill of death found its audience and ran up his back, but viewing yet another dead classmate didn't have so much of a profound effect on Ivan anymore, much to his concern. He knew that this girl went to the same school as him and probably shared many of his classes, but he just couldn't bring himself to feel the same agony over and over again. Was he losing his humanity? The question troubled him a great deal, but it was to some good effect that he got the answer right away by seeing another person on the street below... somebody that he had spoken to once or twice.

Oh... oh god. Not you. Anybody but you.

Of all the people to have slain that girl, it was that guy. Ivan could never forget the boy from the chess game so many months ago - the 'utter tool', as Ivan had called him. "Tabi, grab your gun!" Ivan said, stepping away from the window and turning, reaching for the shotgun that was resting against the wall. If Aaron decided to enter the building, they'd have to be ready for him. If they both played it safe, everything would be just fine... it always was. They'd protect each other.
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