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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Aston knew she was as good as dead.

She knew it. And yet she had to try.

Her vision was going blurry but she lifted the gun and pulled the trigger. She didn't even aim, she just shot wildly. Jesus christ just die. Just drop to your knees and die. Choke on your tongue and die. Just leave her the fuck alone! And yet he didn't die. Not a single bullet found it's way. It was all so utterly useless.

"no no no no no no no no no please god please don't oh god save me god save me..."

Aston wasn't religious. She told herself that much. Does praying to a god that you don't believe in make you a hypocrite?

She ran out. She kept pulling the trigger, hopping by some miracle a bullet would appear. It was over. She was crying harder now, but her voice was almost a whimper. It wasn't like she was saying anything important. Aston kept repeating the same word over and over again.

Aaron arrived. Her heart stopped. He spoke at her.

He told her he was better than her.

Aston threw the gun as hard as she could and it managed to hit. There was a crack. Blood dripped down Aaron's face and onto the ground. Aston put on a taunting, almost sick smile crossed her lips. No. No it wasn't going to save her. It felt damn good though. The look on Aaron's face was priceless. She almost chuckled. Held herself back. The tears stopped coming now. Aston must have used all of her tears up. And so she waited. She didn't have any energy left. If he didn't kill her now, then she wasn't going to have much time.

And with her last breath, her vision failing, Aston screamed.


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