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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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A gunshot. Then another. Then another.

They didn't come all at once. There was a pause in between. Like a siren, blaring, a warning for what was to come.

A minute later, after six gunshots, the siren stopped.

There was a loud slam, mixed with the sound of breaking glass.

And Aston Bennett ran out into the street, bloodied and frantic.

(Continued From Finalizing Plans)

(any gming here has been approved)

Running was an exaggeration. Aston was actually hobbling along, trying to keep herself from falling over. The bullets buried in the chest and the shoulder were holding her back. She was like a fish out of water, coughing, wheezing, holding her tears back. Aston was trying though, clutching her shoulder with her hand.

She realized the huge cut on her leg. Aston must have hit the door so hard that the glass broke. A shard must have hit her. Aston didn't have time to try to pull the shard out. She kept limping along, trying to put as much distance between her and her attacker.

Aston realized something else. She clenched her hand. Her gun, her gun was gone. She must have dropped her gun when she made a run for it. She couldn't go back for it, not now. Aston let go of her shoulder, reaching for one of the pistols in her pocket. The Jericho was there. That was good. She had a chance.

She looked back. He wasn't trailing her anymore. Good. She was hoping he wouldn't think to search the street first. She prayed he would make a turn for the forests. Making a run for the street proved to be a terrible decision. There was no cover to speak of. While she had a gun, she was battered and couldn't go on the offensive. She only had two choices: outrun him (which would be damn near impossible) or wait for him to come to her.

Or could she just let him kill her.

No. They're only flesh wounds Aston. Don't think that way.

Something inside of her was numbing the pain, making it less intense, but the pain was not gone completely. It still hurt, and there was a terrible weight pushing down on her, making her exhausted. Her shoulder throbbed. Her head felt dizzy. She felt cold. Everything was slowly going dark.

She was going to die, wasn't she?

No. Damn it Aston, You can't die here. You just can't. You promised Jo-

A violent pain shot through Aston's leg. She screamed.

Aston hit the ground. Her head spun even more. She tried to get up, she had her hands on the ground but she couldn't move. She cursed loudly, nails digging into the dirt beneath her. Aston made a slow movement to turn herself on to her back, to see what had happened.

She had fallen into a hole in the ground. Twisted her ankle something bad. Aston whimpered as she tried to pull it out but stopped herself. It was the same leg that had the shard of glass embedded into it, and the fall had somehow made it dig even deeper. Aston couldn't bare to look at her leg, the sight of it made her stomach churn. Aston reached out for her pistol and found it laying on the ground, out of reach. She was defenseless, again. Tears started running down her face, looking all around. She had to find a crutch. She had to get up and start moving again. She had -

That was when she saw him coming from around the corner.

Aston started crying even harder as she tried in desperation to pull her last gun from out of her pocket, the peashooter.

"No! No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no...."

Please god help her.

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