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It was an arduous process to get up the steps, but Tabi powered her way through it. It was only one flight of winding stairs after all. They had been through much worse and made it out alive, stairs weren't going to stop her.

The bedroom that Ivan had walked into was rather spacious. Anything that was of value had probably been removed from the premises. The only things left was the bed, its frame, and some very heavy looking side tables and dressers they had probably been too big for whoever looted the place to remove, and so it rested here. Tabi looked at the pale walls, by all accounts this was a gloomy space to be in, but there was still the light from a curtain-less window. The noonday sun was starting to fall into afternoon light, providing a much warmer spread into the room and onto the bed.

She turned her head back and saw Ivan's nervous tapping of the bed and invitation. Tabi couldn't help but laugh at it all, not through spite but of how silly he looked. They had spent all this time together and yet he was still afraid about such a simple gesture. She playfully strode up towards him, keeping mindful of her limp.

"It's perfect Ivan."

She gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead and sat down beside him before laying down on the mattress. Her eyes closed as she gently breathed in and out. Her hands drifted to her stomach, rising and falling with every breath. A squeaking noise opened her eyes, and it was then that she noticed that Ivan was laying next to her now.

"Kinda makes you forget about it all?" she said, "Doesn't it?"
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