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Question: You must leave all your possessions behind to move away to a foreign land, except for one item. What do you bring with you?

Alex- Ooooooh. I could say a lot of stuff! But it's gotta be something important that I'll need. I'd say... hm, how about a guidebook to the place?

Lana- ... Why only one possession? Why can't I bring all my things? Can't I just take the rest of the things with... nevermind. I guess my plush bat, then.

Miranda- A pair of shades, just so I can at least look cool in the foreign place? I don't know.

Question: What are your thoughts on yaoi?


Coming to a V7 near you.
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Kami's Promise for v6 (doing this again)

Let's show that private threads aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on island in V6. If I started a thread, you are welcome to join it.
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