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Casey: Around the world. London, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town, those salt flats in Bolivia...Throw a few good conventions in there...Man, two weeks is not nearly enough. I'd get as far as I could, though.

Harvey: Something fun? Get a bunch of friends, maybe some family, maybe some guys I haven't seen in forever, and head out to a beach or island somewhere. We could have camp outs and all that kind of stuff.

Mia: Uh...I'd guess I'd go to New York first and check out Broadway. Then to West End. While I'm in Europe, I might as well hit Paris and Milan, right? Maybe Rome too, if I have the time.

QUESTION: If you were to turn into any animal, which one would you want it to be?
Version 4 Character:
Simon Fletcher (B104): Dead at The Sawmill

Version 5 Character:
Casey Malkovich (G037): Dead at The Farmhouse

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