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Let's get Psychological on this one. In the form of a nightmare that you've have, tell me your worst fear. It doesn't need to be something physical (spiders/dark) it can be a mental or social fear as well (isolation/ loss of control)

Alina: Uh, yah, I mean I t'ink I'm afraid of, ya know, drowning. Dis one time, when I was fourtin', we were visiting' Gran Gran back down in Nawlins, she had just moved up to Waveland since she wanted to get out of the city after Katrina, and we were at the beach, you know. I kinda got caught in one of dose undertows, and it took me a while to get back to land. I mean, I wassin' hurt or nuthin', but it was really scary cause my legs were kickin' and I wassin goin' anywhere...

Angeline: Uh...I dunno, man, I haven't really been afraid of much, and let me tell you, when you've been through what I have, you become a lot less afraid of the small stuff. I can't really think of anything I'm afraid of. Sorry 'bout that.

Jasper: No comment.

Tessa: Oh my god my worst fear, you totally know what that is right, it's like if I was to like take all these exams, you know all those exams we gotta do before we graduate and stuff, but the worst thing that could happen happened like if I forgot everything! Like I know they probably won't be the end of everything but I work so hard man, it'd just totally suck to not do the best, y'know!

And because Doc is a sneaky ninja:

How important is education, really?

Alina: I don't really think it's dat important, cause we gotta be happy for us to live our lives to the best.

Angeline: It's okay, I guess.

Jasper: *shrugs*

Tessa: It is the most important thing right now! I mean, we only get one high school, and we don't wanna screw it up! We gotta learn, we gotta know everything so we can make the most of what we have, come on!

Question: Boxers or briefs?
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