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Ladies and Jellyspoon! Hobos and Tramps! Cross-eyed moskeetoes and bow-legged ants. Let our tale of insanity and wonder begin!
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If you could have only one item of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, meaning you will be nude without it, what would it be?

Red: If I was forced to? A leotard. It acts as a full body piece of clothing and is difficult for an opponent to tear it off you. It is also easy to add to more ... athletic events. Is that it? Good, I was getting tired of this damned quest.... (disconnect)

Luna: Only one piece? But, that means no..... -_- ... Umm... I guess a nice dress. At least I would be fully covered......

Jack: Hmm..... what piece? I guess... my mother's fur coat... Wait... it's not as it sounds! It's just, we live in the north.... and it gets real c-cold in the w-winter! I don't want to be out nude when it's real cold out... I might freeze to death!

Let's get Psychological on this one. In the form of a nightmare that you've have, tell me your worst fear. It doesn't need to be something physical (spiders/dark) it can be a mental or social fear as well (isolation/ loss of control).
Possible V5 Characters

Jack Widdlestone- A boy with his head in the clouds and his feet in the shadows. He tries to keep with himself, but will generally make friends with the stranger people out there. Has a thing for food and fairytales.

William Tyler Folley- A shortsited, energetic boy who's interests range from magic, to pranks to 80s/90s nostalgia. Never seen without his red hat.

Luna Vanderhof An obese student who is kind and sweet despite her large exterieror. She is also rather shy and has a large appiteite. She'll join a cooking club if there is one. Or an animation club.... or a bird watching/ singing club.



For Friends and Enemies
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