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Some of you might remember the Questions Game thread that Solomir put up two years ago.

Well, seeing as we're nearing pregame, I felt that it might be appropriate to bring it back for our V5 characters. It always struck me as a fun way to fleshen out our characters after all.

Here are the basic rules:

1) Read the question asked in the most recent post.
2) Pick one of your characters and answer that question. Put the question in quote tags so we can see what the question is.
3) Ask a new question for the next person to answer. Questions can be random and silly, or be deeper and more probing. (Don't flood the thread with silly questions though)

The above-linked thread features a lot of good (and bad) examples of the kind of questions that could be asked, and how best to reply to them. Just make sure to avoid pitfalls, such as borning yes/no questions and forgetting to provide a question after answering the previous one, and this thread should go along fine.

(Also worth mentioning that its best to assume that the questions aren't being asked by an interviewer or something IC, seeing as one problem I noticed with the original thread was that some characters answers were more-or-less "I'm not answering because it's a secret".)

So, without further ado, I may as well ask the first question:

Where do you picture yourself twenty years from now?
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