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They see me walking, they hating
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Reiko's first instinct upon hearing the voice of yet another person was to reach for the pistol tucked into her belt. She managed to stop herself once she saw what a sorry state the newcomer was in. Besides, with it's location, it was hidden from view and still easily accessible in case this girl ended up being dangerous. Even if she was, she was hardly in shape to fight.

Her companion was the first to speak up, and this was perfectly fine with Reiko. She wasn't exactly the talking type, so having someone else to talk instead of her was a nice change. The girl seemed to get the message, and began to walk away. If you could even call it walking. With those injuries Reiko would be surprised if she lasted to the end of the day.

The she turned around, asking about the announcements, if anything of importance was said. There were a few things worth mentioning, namely about the girl who had apparently killed a bunch of people. Reiko had her doubts that whoever committed those was going to be in any decent shape to fight. You don't kill that many in a day without taking some serious damage....

Reiko's face tensed slightly, but she didn't move very much. Her hand shifted ever so slightly towards her back, not enough to be noticeable. If she had put two and two together properly, then the two of them could be in serious trouble right now. At least, as much trouble as a one-eyed one-legged girl could give them.
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