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This was surprisingly peaceful. It seemed like Reiko wasn't going to flip out and gun her down. This had actually been a decent enough idea. Kimberly was pleasantly surprised by this. Of course, there was a chance everything was going to go completely to pieces at any moment, but that had been true of every moment on the island. By now, Kimberly didn't give a fuck. If things got bad, she'd cope. Reiko was beat up. She probably wasn't in good enough shape to do much chasing. First plan of defense: run.

And then, things got even weirder. Reiko took some chocolate out, ate a piece, then offered to share. Kimberly actually grinned at that. It seemed the other girl was fairly clever. It was to be expected, in a way. Reika had been intelligent too. Here, what Reiko had done was prove her sincerity by eating first. That meant Kimberly could be assured she wasn't about to be poisoned. She wasn't a huge fan of chocolate, but at this point she'd have eaten pretty much anything. She was down to her last bottle of water, and was suffering from a dry mouth and occasional stomach cramps. Chocolate sounded pretty damn divine.

"Sure," she said. She had to turn and reach across a little awkwardly. Her left arm wasn't hurting so much anymore, as long as she was gentle on it. She could almost clench her fist without it hurting, could nearly bend her elbow a little bit. She didn't much. She didn't want to fuck things up again, not now that they were almost a little better. She didn't want to damage her wound again. It wasn't bleeding anymore, but she knew from when Erik had treated it that it was by no means fully healed, either. She was also worried about the fact that there was probably still a bullet in her arm. The last thing she needed was to jar it and force it into an important blood vessel. Her other injuries, the bruising to her head especially, were not cause for much concern. They only impacted her if she scratched her face. They probably made her look hideous, too, but that was totally unimportant. Nothing in her skull had been broken, and she wasn't concussed, so she wasn't in any real danger from them. But now wasn't the time to worry. Now she was getting a chance at something approximating a tasty last meal.

And then, before she could grab a piece of chocolate, there was someone else there, looking at them, asking if they were having a private party. This girl, she was fucked up. All it took to tell was a glance. She was probably missing an eye. The wound still looked pretty fresh, given the bloodstained bandage. It would likely kill her, Kimberly realized. That was how things went here. This late in the game, none of the other people were going to risk their lives helping some girl who'd gotten her face slashed, especially not when they'd just have to kill her within a day to survive anyways. The girl had to know that. Approaching in a friendly fashion meant she wanted something, then.

Moreover, she was being painfully nonchalant about the whole thing. That meant she was insane. Kimberly was perfectly familiar with insanity as a defense mechanism. She knew all about trying to walk off wounds. She also knew that she didn't trust this girl in the slightest. She could recognize her, could tell she was someone from around school, but she was one of the loners. There was a name floating around, but it was hard to grasp it fully. Kimberly could remember the last announcement, though. There had been three or four girls mentioned as killers. She wasn't one herself. Reiko wasn't one. Kimberly couldn't believe the gender gap was that great at this point. That meant this girl was almost certainly a murderer. She had probably picked up her wound—no, wounds, her leg was bandaged too—in a fight. That she'd walked away meant she'd won. That meant she was a dangerous psychopath with nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by murdering everyone else before she keeled over. Her only chance was to kill everyone before the wound killed her, then count on the goodwill of the terrorists and hope they patched her back together instead of throwing her corpse into the sea. Given that people had been rescued, that was probably a fairly safe assumption. They'd need someone alive to convince people next year that playing was worth it. That meant this girl was probably going to be playing for keeps.

This was exactly the sort of shit Kimberly didn't want to deal with. Reiko was a curiosity, a temporarily-benign one. This girl was a pain in the ass.

So Kimberly just said the first thing that came to mind.

"Yep. Fuck off."
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