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((OOC: for the sake of timeline, I'm not going to be acknowledging Ema in this post)

Reiko stood in place for a moment after the other girl's offer, before nodding her head and taking a seat beside her. It was nice to find someone who wasn't immediately aggressive, especially so late into the game. There couldn't have been more than a dozen of them left, possibly even less by this point. In any case she was there, sitting with someone who for all she knew was planning on killing her later.

She glanced at the other girl, trying to place her name. She had seen her around before, quite often in fact. Reiko felt like she should know her name, but just couldn't quite place it. The girl was almost certain she should know it, it just wasn't coming to her. Oh well, it was certain to come up in conversation eventually. Or not.

After a moment, Reiko reached into her bag, pulling out the chocolate from Sarah she had been eating for the last few days. Despite the heat, it was still mostly intact, though it had begun to melt around the edges. She broke off another bit, popping it into her mouth. "Chocolate?" she said to the other girl, offering her the package.
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