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((Tabi Gweneth continued from Awe of She))

It hurt to walk. Her ankle wasn't in as much pain and before, but there was still a limp to her steps. Added to that, was a new pain in her lower abdomen. It was a throbbing pain, as if a flare was being lit inside repeatedly.

And yet through it all, Tabi was smiling and no amount of pain was going to remove it from her.

When she woke up earlier that day the first thing she saw was the cameras. It had caused her cheeks to warm up. No matter how many times she had acknowledged them in the past, it was always so easy to forget that people were watching them all. She turned away from it and looked up to the dawn sky. It had been a bright blue, with a myriad of purples and pinks. She fiddled with her underwear and let out a slight cough.

It had been then when she looked down at Ivan. It seemed that he was able to get more sleep than she did. She had doubts that it was much more than hers, but it was best not to wake him. Not until they absolutely had to leave.

Sadly, the collars had awoken them, and it was to her own disappointment, that Tabi and Ivan had to leave once more.

They had traveled quite a distance before the noonday sun had been shining upon them. The two of them had not spoken a word between each other. Sharing only passing glances between them, flushing every single time. Tabi found herself adjusting her dress constantly.

They were in the residential area. A place where the two of them had many memories of. Most of them were rather poor. But perhaps, a new one, a bright and happy one would happen.

After all, it was time to face the world a day at a time. She had spent enough time dwelling on the past.

"Do you want to stop here?"
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