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((Reiko Ishida continued from Camping Out))

It didn't take very long for Reiko to make her way to the town center from her last location. The center didn't look all that different from the rest of the small town, save for the centerpiece in the middle. From a distance the statue looked nice enough, though upon closer inspection the graffiti and faults in the stone were more apparent. Who knew just how long this statue had been out there, exposed to the elements. There were more houses surrounding the center, but Reiko wasn't planning on going into one of them just yet.

There were, of course, bodies laying around. This wasn't exactly news to Reiko. She was barely even bothered by the smell of rotting corpses by this point, and the sight of them made her indifferent at best. Not like she had much reason to complain about them, having contributed so many to the number herself.

The girl began to move around the centerpiece, keeping an eye on her surroundings as she did so. The last thing she needed at this point was to get shot in the back while admiring a statue of a naked woman. It seemed like she was looking at a lot of those lately. In any case her attention was caught by the fact there was another person sitting in the flowerbed in front of what she was looking at. Reiko made no move towards her weapons, though she knew where they were if she needed them.

"Hi." she said to the other girl, seeing what kind of response she would get.
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